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Consultant/President emeritus

William J. Watts

Mr. Watts has nearly 40 years in the EMC discipline. His experience as an engineer has included EMC test, design, application and product management. In addition, he has worked in National and Regional Sales Management positions for various companies in the EMC industry. In 1984, Mr. Watts founded EMC Technologists, a company that quickly became one of the top sales representative and consulting companies in the EMC industry. In 1989, he furthur introduced EMC Eupen, a distributor specializing in EMC components, including ferrite coated cables and power supply cords with integral filters.

Currently, Mr. Watts acts as an advisor and consultant to Corp. which includes both EMC Technologists and EMC Eupen. He is a life long member of the IEEE/EMC Society, IEEE Power Electronics Group, IEEE Microwave Electronics, the dB Society, and several other industry organizations.